Residence Life Employment

The Office of Residence Life at the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers full-time Residence Hall Coordinator positions and graduate-level Graduate Hall Director positions. If you are a student looking for our student employment opportunities, you can follow this link.

Graduate Hall Director

Job Description:

Graduate Hall Directors (GHD) are responsible for the development of a supportive, functioning community within a residence hall, ranging in size from 85 to 400 residents.  GHDs supervise a paraprofessional staff, advise individual students and student groups, work to resolve the behavioral problems of students and assist in the management of their residence halls.  As staff members with the Office of Residence Life, GHDs work cooperatively with other Residence Life staff and other Student Affairs offices at the University of Nebraska Kearney. GHDs are hired by the department as positions become available. Traditionally, hiring takes place at the end of the fall and/or spring semester.  Specifics concerning qualifications and job duties for the GHD position may be reviewed in the GHD job description.  The Office of Residence Life interviews local UNK undergraduates, graduates, and graduate assistant applicants for UNK graduate programs candidates and occasionally attends the Oshkosh Placement Exchange before making official job offers to candidates.

Residence Life Responsibilities:

  • Staff Supervision:  Supervise paraprofessional staff.  Conduct or assist with conducting  staff meetings.  Responsibilities include team building, goal and expectation setting, ongoing training and development, day-to-day advisement, training, and on-going formal and informal appraisal.
  • Community Building:  Assist in the development of a residential community.  Work to maintain close contact with residents.  Be aware of student problems and concerns.  Mediate student conflicts.  Encourage and develop student activities and programs.
  • Education/Conduct:  Assist students to develop behavioral standards appropriate to group living in an academic institution.  When necessary, confront individuals whose behavior is unacceptable and process cases through the conduct system.
  • Advising and Referral Source:  Provide basic counseling and function as a resource and referral agent for both staff and residents.  This requires a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends.
  • Management:  Direct the management operations of the facility by working in cooperation with the maintenance staff, custodial staff, central staff, and any other appropriate departments in areas of occupancy, fire safety, security, and damage control.
  • Programming:  Encourage planning and implementation of educational activities involving such resources as faculty, guest speakers, and members of the Kearney community.  Advise the Community Assembly in planning activities and developing policy.
  • Administrative Tasks:  Oversee the administration of all personnel and programming functions within the residential community.  Supply written information and/or documentation as required.  Attend weekly staff meetings and training programs.  Be on duty as assigned for the campus community.
  • Additional Responsibilities:  Perform any other job-related responsibilities requested by the Complex Directors, Assistant Director, Associate Director of Residence Life, and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.
Student Affairs Responsibilities:
  • Program and Committee Work:  Participate in the development and maintenance of the total Residence Life program. Actively participate in programs and committees originating in the Residence Life office, meet as scheduled, and take part in future long- and short-range planning and programming.
  • Liaison with Other Departments:  Develop and maintain positive relationships with other Student Affairs and University departments and programs to be utilized in program development.
 Reporting Relationships:
  • Directly reports to a Complex Director and indirectly reports to the Associate Director of Residence Life and Associate Dean of Student Affairs.


  • Graduate student with a solid academic foundation and significant residence life experience will be considered.  Enrollment in six graduate credit hours per semester required.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Demonstrated commitment to self-development and growth is encouraged at all levels of training and job performance.
  • A 3.0 cumulative and semester GPA is required.

At the convenience of the university:
  • GHDs receive a furnished apartment including utilities (except long distance phone service).

  • Full meal plan (when dining services are in operation), a 9-hour graduate credit tuition waiver per semester, and stipend of $1,176 per month for a 10-month period, laundry access, reserved parking, summer employment options, professional development.

Summer Employment: Summer employment opportunities may be available.  
Limitation: Outside employment is not permitted.   

Who to Contact:
Trelana Daniel, Associate Director of Residence Life
Phone: 308-865-8660
Job Details:
  • Employment Period: Academic Year (August to May), Some opportunities for summer employment may be offered.
  • Wage: $1,176 monthly stipend.
  • Web application available? Not accepting applications at this time.
  • Date of notification: Graduate Hall Directors are generally hired during the spring for the following academic year.
  • Hiring process: Application; Phone interview; On-Campus interview

Residence Hall Coordinator

Job Description:

Residence Hall Coordinators supervise hall personnel and total educational and developmental programs within a residence hall; serves as advisor to hall government officers, committees, boards, groups and individual students; selects, trains and evaluates staff; conducts disciplinary meetings and/or makes referrals; establishes relationship with custodial and maintenance staff; serves on departmental and University committees; initiates and implements hall financial procedures; maintains all records; and represents the Office of Residence Life to parents, guests and members of the university community

 Job Duties:
  • Supervision: Primary responsibility for the selection, training and supervision of RA’s in hall/community: Possible Secondary Supervision of a Graduate Hall Directors. Conduct formal and informal evaluations. Foster an environment based on integrity and high ethical standards and provide appropriate resource and support to help RAs eliminate obstacles and meet/exceed goals. Foster professional and personal development among team. Develop community. Establish rapport with other campus commitments.

  • Counseling/advising: Engage in individual and group advisement; Resource and referral; agent to other campus or community agencies. Inform students of all university policies. Educate students on policy, accountability, and critical thinking. Student conduct: Insure due process to all students in conduct cases. Adjudicate cases of alleged student misconduct. Assist students in taking responsibility. Facilitate and mediate roommate conflict resolution in a developmental manner.

  • Communication: Provide timely, accurate and candid information on critical issues to colleagues, superiors, and subordinates. Present information or data in an efficient and understandable format. Establish working relationship with custodial and maintenance staff.

  • Programming: Supervise RAs in developmental programming. Support educational objectives of department. Assist in developing processes, procedures, policies, and programs that create an educational and student oriented climate. Develop a working knowledge of a college/department related to learning communities.

  • Emergency preparedness: provide staff with thorough training and practice of emergency procedures. Provide for daily staff coverage. Assist all university and community agencies in the event of an emergency. Share on call duty rotation for halls.

  • Administrative: familiar with appropriate university policies. Maintain accurate and up-to-date records for budget. Coordinate Early Arrival process. Serve on departmental and university wide committees. Advise departmental student groups. Manage summer housing process/staff. (These tasks are to be divided between Residence Life Coordinators). Timely and accurate completion of paperwork. Maintain department database, daily.

Required Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree, One year supervision of live-in Resident Assistant and experience as a graduate live-in staff member. Strong oral and written communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications:  Master’s Degree in Student Affairs, College Student Personnel Administration, or Related Field. Two or more years of direct supervision of Residence Assistants, on call duty rotation experience, experience serving as a judicial hearing officer, hall government advising experience, and experience with budgeting.

Who To Contact:

Trelana Daniel, Associate Director of Residence Life
Phone: 308-865-8660

Job Details:
University Benefits:

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