Transfer to UNK

Students thinking about transferring from one college or university to another often believe that it is a long and painful process. This is a myth that we dispel every day, at UNK, by providing comprehensive and highly personal guidance throughout each student's transfer process.

If you'd like to transfer to UNK, there are some general areas of information that you should become familiar with. All of these are covered in our General Transfer Information and Guidelines.

UNK also subscribes to Transferology™, a web-based network designed to help students explore their college transfer options. Transferology™ provides access to established transfer equivalencies listed in the UNK Transfer Guide as well as equivalencies established by other schools nationwide.

Students can create a free account and use Transferology™ to:

  1. enter courses they've taken, or plan to take, to find schools with equivalencies that match their coursework;

  2. find options for taking classes in any term at another school to transfer back to their current school.

To get started, click "Get Started" below!

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