Student Affairs

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The Division of Student Affairs provides educational, student-centered programs and services to the University community. Among the Division's major responsibilities are the following:

  • Provide direct support and services to students to facilitate their obtaining an education.

  • Foster student development by providing and supporting programs which contribute to the education of students in various developmental areas, such as cognitive and aesthetic development, identity formation, physical self, moral reasoning, interpersonal relatedness, and social perspective.

  • Help remove personal obstacles, provide the information, and teach the competencies students need to benefit from the University learning environment.

  • Assist students with the transition into UNK community.

  • Gather information about the student, the environment, and the outcomes of that interaction in order to identify the potential concerns and needed interventions.

  • Provide direct support for university, college, and department programs.

Divisional offices and departments

student_affairs3The twenty-three offices within the Division of Student Affairs are dedicated to helping UNK students achieve success. Each student’s needs and milieus are unique; consequently, each office provides a variety of support and amenities to help them be successful.
The Division of Student Affairs staff is well-trained and our initiatives are designed to help students transition into and through college, while preparing them for a lifetime of learning and contribution. We provide opportunities that complement and enhance the academic curricula and empower students to overcome obstacles. Finally, our innovative programs and quality services foster student learning and development, enhance the educational experience, and equip students for their chosen professions and to be contributing members of a diverse global society.

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Divisional committees and resources

student_affairs1The staff within the division are responsible for most of the co-curricular components of the student experience at UNK. We provide quality services, programs, and facilities that enrich the educational experience of students. Our priority is to help undergraduates and graduates be academically, socially, mentally, and physically successful while attending Kearney.

Most importantly, the safety and success of UNK students is our main objective at the University. The following information is provided for easy access to important policies, programs, resources, and boards offered by the Division of Student Affairs.

Student Affairs boards, programs, and reports

Student Affairs committees, policies, and resources

  • Assessment workshop
  • New faculty teaching orientation presentation
  • Student Affairs social media policy
  • Student Affairs assessment committee
  • Student Affairs information technology committee
  • Student Affairs professional development committee

Important university policies and procedures

Student Affairs Council minutes, reports, and initiatives

Student Affairs Council (SAC)

Donate to enhance Student Life at UNK

student_affairs4From Orientation to Commencement, our outstanding staff members, facilities, and programs are committed to supporting and challenging students through a variety of new experiences they may encounter at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Our extensive range of services and co-curricular activities are designed to enhance student connections between classroom learning and out-of-the-classroom opportunities. We also strive to promote professional development of leadership skills and intellectual abilities, identification and exploration of personal interests, and preparation for roles as future professionals and community leaders.

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