On Campus Living Requirement

The success of students is our focus in Residence Life.  The University of Nebraska at Kearney in accordance with the Board of Regents policy established the On-Campus Residency Policy as a requirement that serves important educational and developmental purposes.  All full-time students under the age of 19 on the first day of class in the fall semester are required to live in University housing for the duration of the academic year, unless one of the qualified exemptions is met.

Our research shows that students that live on campus persist to graduation at UNK at a much higher rate.  The on campus environment is close to academic resources, organized student activities that promote social interaction and exposure to new and diverse life experiences, and immediate access to staff or mentors that offer referrals and assistance.  On campus residency provides unparalleled opportunities for multidimensional student development and personal growth as a young adult working to meet their educational goals. 

To apply for an exemption, one of the following conditions must be met:

  • Kearney Area Residency: The student is living in the Kearney community (defined by UNK as no farther than 30 miles from the Kearney campus) with parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Married Student: A state issued certificate of marriage is required.
  • Student is a Parent:  The student is pregnant or expecting a baby or is the parent or legal custodial guardian of a child. A certified birth certificate, guardianship documentation, or a doctor’s note confirming the pregnancy is required. 
  • Based on a disability or medical condition:Student has a documented disability which requires accommodation(s) that cannot be met in University housing. Students with a disability should contact Disability Support Services to begin the process.
  • Special Circumstance:  Where it can be conclusively demonstrated that a special circumstances exist which would create a substantial personal hardship which is impacted by living on campus and cannot be remedied by alternative means. Substantial Documentation stating the need for the exemption must be included in the exemption request.  Additional documentation may be requested. 

An Exemption to the On Campus Living Requirement will be granted upon verification of completed paperwork and supporting documentation provided to the Office of Residence Life. Anyone who falsifies documents will be referred to the student conduct process.  The On-Campus Residency Exemption Form can be obtained by clicking on the link below. Upon review, the student will be notified if their exemption has been approved or denied via student provided email. The student should wait to complete the housing contract until they are notified of the decision regarding their exemption request.

Please allow the Office of Residence Life a minimum of two weeks for the review process once all documentation is provided. In reference to the Residence Hall Terms and Conditions 3.4.7., if the exemption is denied or the On-Campus Residency Exemption Process is not completed, and the student chooses to live off-campus as a full-time student under the age of 19 on the first day of class in the fall semester, room and board charges for the academic year will be assessed to the student account.  If the housing contract is signed, the Residence Hall Terms and Conditions – 6. Contract Cancellation section terms apply regardless of the approval or denial of the exemption.

For more information, please email housing@unk.edu and we are happy to assist. 

On Campus Residency Exemption Form 2018-2019

On Campus Residency Exemption Form 2019-2020 Coming Soon