Campus CAN/RHA

Campus CAN/Residence Hall Association is the governing body over the Residence Halls at UNK. We plan and host events for residence hall students, work to resolve problems happening across campus and address concerns for residents.  All are welcome to our meetings:

Campus CAN/RHA Meetings

Every Monday at 5:00 PM in the Nebraska Student Union room 310 or 312.

Campus CAN/RHA Executive Board

The Campus CAN/RHA Executive Board is made up of strong student leaders who live in the residence halls. The executive board work to improve on-campus living experience for all residents.

President: Vanessa Taylor, Mens Hall

Vice President: Taylor Burghardt, URS

Secretary/Treasurer: Truman Lauck, Mens Hall

National Communication Coordinator: Shelly Eiseman, CTW

Social Chair(s): Callie Brown, Mens Hall & Karen Ruiz, Mantor Hall

Advisors: Trelana Daniel, Cory Moen, Carlina Grove, Abbi Hanson, Luke Else

Campus CAN/RHA Funds Request

CAN & RAs can request extra funds for upcoming programs. Please check out the Campus CAN/RHA Funds Request form. To ensure quality attention is paid to the form, please make sure to submit a month in advance of needing the funds.

Campus CAN/RHA Governing Documents

Campus CAN Bylaws