Sapporo University

In 1981 about thirty Sapporo University students spent three weeks during summer vacation studying on the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus. In 1983, Sapporo University and the University of Nebraska at Kearney established formal relations and became sister universities permitting students from UNK and from SU to study at their sister institution for one academic year.

Sapporo University began with one building and two departments, Economics and Foreign Languages, on its present site in Nishioka in 1967. As classes began, plans were already under way for expansion the following year. Since then, the university has grown and prospered and now has departments of Economics, Business Administration, Law, Foreign Languages, General Education and the Women's Junior College. Student population now numbers more than 7,000 students.

Sapporo University

While studying at Sapporo University, students from UNK enroll in a program specially designed to teach the four skills of language acquisition and expose students from around the world to varying components of Japanese culture. The language courses meets for partial days with a student-teacher ratio as small as four to one.

Language of Instruction:
All courses will be conducted in Japanese by native instructors who also speak English.

The academic year runs from the beginning of April until mid-December with the possibility of an extension of stay until February of the following year. At Sapporo University, summer vacation extends from the end of July until mid-September which allows time for personal travel.

While studying at Sapporo University, UNK students are housed in furnished apartments near campus.

Program Cost:
Two full scholarships are provided per year to UNK students. The scholarships provide tuition, fees, room, and a monthly expense allowance of 45,000 yen.

A monthly stipend is provided for scholarship students to cover the purchase of food for the apartment, utility bills, and other personal expenses.

Application Deadline: October 15th

Prerequisites: 2.5 G.P.A. / Completion of Japanese 100 and 101 at UNK is preferred.