Reutlingen University

Reutlingen is located about 30 km south of Stuttgart. The city lies on the river Echaz between the hills of the Swabian Jura and the valley of the river Neckar. The city offers a wide range of leisure activities for fans of water sports, biking, trekking, climbing and winter sports. Castles, stately homes and baroque abbeys, small rivers and waterfalls await you in this beautiful region of Germany.

The documented history of Reutlingen stretches back to the 5th and 6th centuries. Nowadays the city is prosperous with over 110,000 inhabitants. It has very good shopping facilities, including an open-air market, and also an excellent public library, several museums, a theatre, cinemas and a wide variety of cafés, restaurants and bistros.

Multinational companies, medium-sized companies, high-tech centres, start-ups and modern service providers all successfully conduct their global activities in or around Reutlingen. Southwest Germany is one of the country's most innovative and dynamic economic regions. Famous for its high-tech and automobile industry: the world or European headquarters of many prominent companies including Daimler AG, Porsche, Bosch, Celesio, Hewlett-Packard and IBM are based in this region.

Thanks to its location and extensive transportation system, the city of Reutlingen is a perfect starting point to explore Germany and the rest of Europe. Stuttgart and Reutlingen's near neighbor, Tübingen (one of Germany's oldest and loveliest university towns), offer a wide range of art, music, dance, ballet, and opera. Other popular destinations for weekend trips are the Black Forest, Alps in Switzerland or Austria as well as the Alsace wine region in France or Lake Constance.

Reutlingen University is housed in the established center of industry ad commerce with 100,000 inhabitants. Modern architecture, the library and museums, a busy shopping district, the weekly market, cafés, restaurants and bistros are places where relaxation and the chance to meet friendly people are offered. Events, music, cinema and theaters can all be found together in the 'cultural mile' of the town center. It is the institution most highly regarded within Germany for its business instruction.  The student population is about 5,000 of which about 25% are international is housed in the established center of industry ad commerce with 100,000 inhabitants.

If you choose to study at ESB Business School, the largest faculty at Reutlingen University with some 2,500 students, you will have the opportunity to visit one of Germany’s leading business schools. For many years, ESB Business School has consistently topped all national league tables in the university rankings carried out by rating agencies and specialist journals. Our reputation is based upon a strong international orientation, close co-operation with highly reputed partner universities and a network of top partner companies unparalleled in Germany.

Reutlingen Students


The initial 2 - 3 weeks in September is spent touring Germany and doing an intensive preparatory language and culture course. Together with other international students, you will have the chance to go on excursions to Heidelberg, the Black Forest, Lake Constance, Stuttgart, and many other locations in Germany. The rest of the semester is spent on the courses listed below.


Exchange students seeking courses in English can choose from a range of master courses (considered appropriate for bachelor students).

Each fall, exchange students have the chance to take part in courses taught entirely in English.

Business Management / Industrial Engineering (4 academic credits per lecture)

  • German as a Foreign Language
  • Germany within Europe-Past and Present
  • Lean Management
  • Principles of European Law
  • Industrial Ecology
  • European Business Law
  • International Business with Case Studies in Industry (Daimler, Porsche, Audi, Opel, BMW)

Reutlingen University
Finally, Reutlingen University runs a wide variety of workshops for both foreign and German students on intercultural management, job applications and specialist business areas.

German language courses are also offered at all levels from Beginners to Advanced. Business German and online courses are also available. These courses are free of charge and ECTS credits are awarded for most of them. Exchange students seeking courses in German can choose from a wide range of subjects in our regular offering.

Language of Instruction:

The first three weeks focus on German language and culture. No previous knowledge of the German language is required. All courses taught during the rest of the semester are taught in English


Fall Semester - September 1 - December 17


Exchange students are normally granted a certain preferential treatment in the allocation of rooms in the halls of residence. The University has several different dorms for which you can apply, and some rooms can be provided through the International Office. Most dorms are located close to campus. For up-to-date and detailed information check the website of Reutlingen International Office.


Low cost meals and snacks are available at our cafeteria on campus.


Tuition payment of twelve credit hours + fees is paid to UNK. Room, board, local transportation, and administrative fees are paid in Reutlingen. The German Language & Culture Program costs approximately 200.


2.5 G.P.A.

Application Deadline:

March 1st