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Sociology is a science that studies groups within various societies. But you probably already knew that.  

If you are considering a degree in Sociology, you likely knew that it is a degree that will help you make positive difference in your world. You might have known that it is a degree that involves investigative research and the identification of fascinating societal trends. But consider the following: 

#1 Sociology is a major that gets you out of the classroom 

UNK's Sociology department does an exceptional job of freeing its students from the confines of the classroom. The department provides ample opportunities to learn through the real-world experiences. Yes, there are hands-on learning opportunities in the lab, but the Sociology department also encourages hands-on study abroad. Even closer to home, you'll experience opportunities facilitated through the departments excellent internship program. 

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#2 The list of job opportunities is exhaustive

From case worker to class instructor, from politics to public relations, from lawyer to labor relations, the list of job opportunities is impressive. Because it is a broad science that covers several unique disciplines, Sociology is a special degree that prepares its students for a wide range of successful jobs—the types of jobs that are currently in demand. The demand for these types of jobs is expected to grow significantly over the next decade. 

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#3 It complements other majors and minors, perhaps better than any other degree 

Criminal justice, psychology, anthropology, linguistics, history, and social work are just a handful of minors and second majors that work great with Sociology. That's because Sociology encompasses all these fields of study. You'll find yourself more employable and more knowledgeable with both a degree in Sociology and a minor in a complimentary field. 

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#4 It opens up doors to graduate school 

A good percentage of UNK graduates with Sociology degrees go on to graduate school. There are many graduate programs available that are well-suited to a Sociology undergraduate degree. Because Sociology is a science of great breadth, it is also conducive to an array of graduate degrees, such as law, teaching, public relations, politics, and more. 

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#5 There are two ways to earn your degree 

UNK is a great campus—one of the Midwest's Top 10 public universities. Earning a Sociology degree on campus lets students experience the excitement of campus life while also taking advantage of one-on-one interaction with top faculty.  

But some students need to juggle schoolwork with other obligations and obstacles. In 2011, UNK started its innovative Online Degree Completion Program. This program allows students to finish their Bachelor of Science degrees in Sociology after they have completed their general courses at UNK or another college. 

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