Social Work program Admissions Information

The undergraduate program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Social Work. It is designed to meet the professional requirements for baccalaureate trained, generalist social work practice, to prepare students for graduate education and to contribute basic human service knowledge to students who are preparing for careers in any helping profession. Undergraduate students are advised to declare Social Work as a major in their freshman or sophomore year.


  • Successful completion of Introduction to Social Welfare-SOWK 170 with a grade of B or better.
  • Successful completion of Human Service Ethics and Experiences-SOWK 172 and the required hours of volunteer work at a human service agency with a satisfactory evaluation from the agency.
  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better on a 4.0 scale for all course work completed at the time of application to the major.


The application will be reviewed by the student's advisor who will make recommendations to the Admissions Committee Chairperson.

The Admissions Committee Chairperson reviews all applications where concerns were expressed by the student's advisor who reviewed the application and forwards those applications for discussion at the Admissions Committee where a final determination will be made.

  • Students who are denied admittance to the program will be informed by letter informing them of the decision along with justification. The student will have the option of appealing this decision.
  • Appeals must be filed within 10 days of the receipt of the denial. Students who have had admittance revoked because of ethics violations must wait two semesters, excluding summer, before reapplying. Students who are denied admission due to unsuitability for the profession, must comply with all conditions provided by the Admissions Committee before reapplication to the program.
  • Students who leave the Social Work Program and/or UNK for more than two (2) years will have to reapply for admissions to the Social Work Program and must be accepted prior to resuming their social work course work.
  • All students need to be advised that failure to maintain the required 2.5 GPA will lead to suspension.

Admission status to the Social Work Program can be revoked at any time during the academic career for the following reasons:


Application packets can be downloaded here:

Application for Admission
Admissions Quiz
Volunteer Experience Evaluation

Fall Application Deadline is October 1st with notification from the program by November 1st.

Spring Application Deadline is March 1st with notification from the program by April 1st.

Students are asked to comply with above deadlines since past due applications will NOT be considered.