Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. Online Program

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The mission of the Science/Math Education online program is to improve classroom instruction by providing a flexible yet rigorous program of study within an area of endorsement (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics/Physical Science). Candidates who successfully complete the degree demonstrate in-depth pedagogical and content knowledge within their area of specialization, possess broad knowledge of content in multiple disciplines, and apply their knowledge to the curriculum in order to improve teaching and student learning.

If you are a certified math or science teacher, our Science/Math Education M.S.Ed. online program may be a good fit for you. To enter the program you must have a Bachelor’s Degree with a teaching endorsement in Biology, Math, Chemistry, Natural Science, Physics or Physical Science and a standard teaching certificate or license. Applicants with middle-grades teaching endorsements may be admitted into the program depending on their level of undergraduate science/math preparation.

The program is entirely online and consists of 36 credit-hours of courses:

  1. Professional Components (9 hours required)
    1. Curriculum Course (3 hours)  
    2. Research Course (3 hours)  
    3. Pedagogy Course (3 hours)  
  2. Academic Components (24 hours required)  
    1. Major Emphasis (12 hours in an area of endorsement)
    2. Supporting Courses (6 hours outside the major emphasis in two disciplines)
    3. Electives (6 hours approved by the advisor prior to enrollment)
  3. Capstone (3 hours required)  

Please explore our website. Direct any questions to the Program Coordinator, Holly Peterson at or (308) 865-8043.

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