Science/Math Education Graduates share their experience.

Jason Gfeller (MSEd 16') - BIOL           

Michelle Fries (MSEd 15') - BIOL     

Jordan Engle (MSEd 16') - MATH

Jordan Engle

"The UNK Science/Math program has been an excellent opportunity for me to continue growing as a math teacher in both content and pedagogical knowledge. Being able to advance myself as a teacher by taking online courses while working as a full time classroom teacher is an enormous advantage to this program.  Doing my coursework through the UNK graduate program was affordable, challenging, and rewarding. Faculty members in all departments involved with the program did an outstanding job of challenging the students with graduate level content ..."

Angela Cardamone (MSEd 16') - BIOL 

Angela Cardamone"I am from New Jersey and learned about UNK through online research in seeking a graduate program that would enhance both pedagogical methods and content knowledge in science education. The Science/Math MSED program was a perfect fit because of the balanced offerings of core education courses, emphasis in a specialty area (Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, and/or Mathematics), and supportive courses that aim to deliver an interdisciplinary approach to enhance the specialty area of interest. I am deeply appreciative over the success I have experienced academically, and I recognize completely that not one, but all of the courses I took at UNK have served me well both personally and professionally.  All of the professors were structured and clear in their expectations, and all had the motivation to provide a constructive and valuable experience. They also offered a wide variety of differentiated instructional and assessment techniques. Even though each course was online, I always felt connected to my peers and to my professors during our time together as a class. This capability is only achievable with professionals who truly care and strive to facilitate a prolific opportunity for each student. Moreover, flexibility in course offerings aim to engage student interest and to meet their needs as educators. The Science/Math MSED program at UNK is second to none, and ideal for any math or science teacher who is looking to stay in the classroom, improve their skills, and ultimately master their field. I believe whole-heartedly in what UNK has given me and would recommend this program with the utmost respect and commendation to potential students. Thank you Science/Math MSED program at UNK, New Jersey loves you!!"

Samantha Staples (MSEd 16') - MATH

Staples"What I enjoyed most about the program was the positive atmosphere of the online learning environment. I felt like the professors treated all of us equally as important and worth their time as their on-campus students.

Students who are looking for an affordable program with a good combination of content and pedagogy classes should definitely consider applying for the UNK Science/Math Education graduate program."

Brandon Wright (MSEd 16') - PHYSICS

The MSED program was perfect for what I was looking for to advance my career. I knew that I wanted a program with a strong emphasis on learning about science and math and using it in the classroom. It provided opportunities in a variety of subject areas, and presented the opportunity to work towards teaching dual-credit courses.  The instructors I had in this program were excellent. They did a great job of presenting relevant, useful information and assigning projects that I could take back to my own classroom. I definitely appreciated that they were concerned about how we could use the material rather than focusing solely on the content itself.

Alicia Granger (MSEd 16') - MATH

I liked how easy it was to get answers about the program and EVERYONE was willing to help!  I also liked the challenge, and never felt like it was busy work.  I was actually learning and challenging myself sometimes more then I wanted but it was good to have that satisfaction at the end.  I wanted to be able to teach dual enrollment at my high school and through this program I not only got a masters but also earned the 18 hours required to teach for my high school.  Now high school students can take math classes for college!