2017-18 Research Services Council Members




Chair: Richard Mocarski, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research 1582
B&T: Angela Hollman, Industrial Technology 8718
Heather Schulz Meyer, Marketing & MIS 8621
EDUC: Matt Bice, Kinesiology & Sports Sci. 8052
Carrie Kracl, Teacher Education 8181
FAH: Mallory Wetherell, Ceramics and Sculpture 8086
Denys Van Renen, English 8717
NSS: Julie Lanz, Psychology 8196
Frank Kovacs, Chemistry 8384

Applications and guidelines for research and creative activity support may be obtained from the
Office of Sponsored Programs, 2134 Warner Hall, ext. 8496, or from an RSC member.
These materials are also available on the Graduate Studies Website:


If seeking extramural support, assistance is available at the Office of Sponsored Programs, 2134 Warner Hall (8496). The following services are provided:

  • Current information on public and private funding sources
  • Computer searches of potential funding sources
  • Resources on the grant writing process
  • Budget development
  • Contacts with federal, state, and local funding sources

Policies require all proposals requesting external funds receive internal approval at least one week prior to submission. The approval process requires completion of a UNK Grant Proposal Approval form, available from the Office of Sponsored Programs. Contact Richard Mocarski, Director, for further information and assistance.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC)
Institutional Review Board (IRB – Human Subjects Research)

Matt Bice (Kinesiology and Sport Sciences) 8052