… to the web home of the Department of Political Science. Here, you will find information about the Political Science faculty, degree programs, and opportunities for student engagement.

Thinking of Studying Political Science?
A course of study in Political Science makes sense for you if:

  • You think citizenship matters. For 2300 years, from Plato to the present, people have formally studied political systems and political ideas, as preparation for responsible citizenship.
  • You want to make a living using your mind. A Political Science degree can prepare you for a career in law, journalism, teaching, government, community service, public affairs, international business, professional scholarship and more.
  • You value lifelong learning. Just like life, the study of politics changes constantly. As a Political Science major, your most important lessons will provide you the research and analytic tools to nourish an ongoing understanding of the political world you observe and shape.
  • You’re not just looking for a degree program, but for an academic home. As a Political Science major, you will join a community of scholars – both faculty and other students – who take a genuine interest in your intellectual, social and civic growth.

The Commitment to Students
The Department of Political Science seeks nothing less than to become the premiere undergraduate political science program in the state of Nebraska, a goal that can only be accomplished and sustained by placing student welfare at the center of everything we do.

As such, you can expect

  • A broad approach to the discipline of Political Science, including a foundation in political thought and practice in multiple subfields
  • Active classrooms, where your own curiosity and engagement drive your learning
  • Experiential learning opportunities, through independent or collaborate research with faculty, internships, civic engagement projects and field study courses
  • Personal empowerment, through the development and expression of your own abilities in critical thinking and analysis, as well as written and oral communication.

UNK students with Senator Mike Johanns