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Music Comprehensive - Music Composition Emphasis

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The Music Composition program at the University of Nebraska at Kearney focuses on the inquiry into how music is created. Students study the basics of harmony, counterpoint, rhythm, form and the relationship of music to the other arts. Along the way, students grow and develop their compositional and artistic voice. Composition students take individual lessons, a weekly composition seminar, and participate in master classes and lectures given by nationally known professionals. In the junior and senior year, composition majors will present recitals of their own music. Usually, the undergraduate degree in composition prepares students for going on to a Masters program; however, the degree also prepares students for going into many other musical fields.

Career Opportunities with this Degree

  • Composition professor
  • Arranger/orchestrator
  • Freelance composer
  • Movie, TV, radio, or video game composer
Kory Reeder

“I have always written music, it is hard to think of a time I wasn’t writing songs or experimenting with sounds,” said Kory Reeder, a 2016 UNK graduate and Kearney native. Reeder is now studying for his Master’s in composition at Bowling Green State University, one of the top public institutions for new and experimental music. Reeder said his time at UNK made graduate school a natural transition for him."

Kory Reeder

MUSIC COMPREHENSIVE Music Composition Emphasis