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"Spanish Program Has a Big Draw at UNK." (Kearney Hub, Aug. 22, 2015).

The fully-online MAE in Spanish Education is designed for K-12 Spanish teachers who would like to continue their education through the completion of a graduate degree in Spanish education. The program consists of 18 hours of Spanish coursework and 18 hours of education-related coursework primarily focused on second language acquisition and foreign language pedagogy. Students may complete part of their Spanish coursework with study abroad options designed to improve language proficiency or that incorporate other professional-development goals.


This graduate program is one of the few online programs in the country that focuses on Spanish education. The online format — along with potential study abroad options — enable students to focus on both their Spanish proficiency as well as their knowledge of foreign and second language pedagogy.

Requirements for Admission
  1. A completed graduate application form (and fee). 

  2. Completion of the bachelor's degree in Spanish, Spanish Education or with at least 21 hours of upper-level (300/400) Spanish coursework, with a minimum overall G.P.A. of 3.00.

  3. Minimum OPIc rating of Advanced-Low (contact Modern Languages for test administration).

  4. Submission of two letters of recommendation.  One letter must be from an instructor who can comment on your academic capabilities.

  5. Statement of Purpose in English.  The statement must address the following areas:

    • The candidate’s qualifications for graduate study in Spanish Education.
    • The candidate’s long-term professional goals.
    • The candidate’s expectations of the MAE in Spanish degree at UNK in terms of his/her professional development.
  6. Academic Writing Sample in Spanish (minimum of 4 pages):

    • The sample may be a paper from an upper-level undergraduate course, but it should showcase the candidate’s analytical reasoning and argumentative writing.  I should not be a summary of existing research or reporting on a given topic.

    • If the candidate does not have an existing writing sample, he/she may provide an original critical analysis of an approved text. 

Completion of this program requires passing written and oral comprehensive examinations in Spanish and English.

Candidates who do not meet all of the above requirements may be admitted on a conditional basis.

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