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Marketing Emphasis

There is always a demand for well-educated persons in the marketing field. The available opportunities offer a variety of assignments leading to top executive positions.

Many students are interested in the field of marketing generally, but have not developed an interest in a specific area of specialization. This approach can allow you to go many directions upon graduation. On the other hand, many students have a specific sub-area of marketing that they are interested in pursuing. Some of these sub-areas are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Advertising is not one career, but many. Students considering this field usually think only of jobs such as copy writing, layout, display, art, publishing, or broadcasting. Actually, the greatest numbers of advertising people are employed in the planning of advertising, consumer research, product design and testing, marketing surveys, media selection and promotion, packaging, dealer relations, customer service, publicity, and public relations.

Similarly, many students think only of jobs in advertising agencies, newspaper advertising departments, and broadcasting companies. The most numerous job opportunities in advertising actually arise elsewhere: in retail stores, manufacturers' advertising departments, publishing companies, research agencies, trade associations, chambers of commerce, direct-mail firms, and advertising specialty houses.

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for educated and competent executives in the field of retailing. This has been caused by the decline of the independent retail merchant, the expansion of chain stores into practically all lines of merchandise and service, and the growth of the independent department store chain.

Students who choose this area as their major interest need to be well prepared for a career in retailing that may lead to an executive position. There is also more opportunity in the field for the man or woman who wishes to go into business for him or herself than in any other business activity. Franchising is only one of many possibilities.

Retailing offers opportunities not only to those students who are interested in buying and selling goods and services to the consumer, but also to those interested in retail advertising and other forms of sales promotion, retail accounting and control, fashion merchandising, consumer credit, human resource management, and the general field of management.

In most recent years, many business administration graduates of the College of Business & Technology have been placed in sales jobs.

Many graduates pursue selling as a highly rewarding career in itself. Others begin their careers in sales to obtain a valuable grounding for eventual careers in general management, advertising, public relations, marketing research, purchasing and the like. Many companies place all newly hired personnel in sales, as a means of thoroughly orienting them to the business.

The supply of qualified research men and women has always been limited, and is especially so at this time in view of the growing importance of research in industry, government, and education.

Marketing research job opportunities are numerous in manufacturing firms, advertising media, advertising agencies, trade associations, some larger retailing firms, interviewing and statistical service firms, insurance companies, banks, public utilities, the federal government, state industrial development commissions, chambers of commerce, and universities. Research staffs are usually small in numbers of personnel.

Specific positions for which graduating seniors are hired include market analyst, survey research analyst, marketing research analyst, field supervisor, interviewer, tabulator, store auditor, editor, and technical writer. These positions may lead to that of marketing research manager.

The need for competence in statistics and mathematics has probably been overrated as a requisite for success in marketing research. There is need for familiarity with these tools, but seldom is a research career spent in the use of them. A more important requisite is a research attitude or frame of mind which is characterized by orderly, systematic thinking, a methodical, objective approach to problem-solving, a fondness for facts, and a good understanding of human nature.

Perhaps the fastest growing arena of marketing opportunities lie in "not-for-profit" organizations. Hospitals, nursing homes, charities, foundations, and churches are in the process of "discovering" that marketing applies to those organizations as well as to "for-profit" businesses. Many marketing graduates secure positions in such organizations, which allow them the opportunities to develop marketing programs "from the ground up."

Another high-growth area for marketing educated persons is pure service companies such as banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, brokerage firms, and the like. While many of these organizations already practice consumer-oriented marketing, an equal number are just beginning to realize its importance. Many opportunities result.

Marketing is a universal organizational function; everyone is selling something, be it merchandise, service, or a combination of the two. As a result, graduates with a thorough understanding of marketing will always have numerous opportunities. They need only seek them out and market themselves to secure such positions.

UNK students have the opportunity to intern at many regional businesses. Some of those businesses include: The Buckle, Brown Transfer, Kearney Eye Associates, The Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce, Baxter Pharmaceutical, Tradehome Shoes, Herbergers, Coleman Powermate, Nebraska Public Power, J.C. Penneys, Wal-Mart, Sears, IntelliSell, Target, Shopping Tripps, Bakers Supermarkets, First National Bank of Kearney, Platte Valley State Bank, Triad Corp., Southwestern Corp., Five Points Bank, Thermo King, Bucks Moving & Storage, City of Kearney, Pizza Hut, Dale Electronics, Baldwin Filters, EMRG, Builders How-To-Warehouse, area hospitals and nursing homes, Jiffy Lube, NE Home Based Business, West Company, SCORR Marketing, and various UNK offices.

UNK students also learn through case studies done outside of the classroom with the supervision of the instructor. This type of activity allows the student to put to use the concepts and principles learned in the classroom to help area businesses. Also, the Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association affords the student the same type of opportunity as well as the ability to network, to learn from regional marketing experts, and to develop leadership skills.

UNK students are employed by Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to mid-size companies. Among the employers of UNK students are: P & G, Honeywell, NCR, RJR Nabisco, K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Herbergers, The Buckle, Coleman Powermate, Dillard's, Ralston-Purina, Schering-Plough, EDS, IntelliSell Corporation, Revlon, and SCORR Marketing, to name a few.

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