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Geography B.A./B.S.

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Geography is more than studying maps and terrains. The subject is closely connected to environmental science, so majors often take classes about naturally occurring hazards, weather principles, conservation principles, and interrelationships between humans, culture and the world. In the lab, you will have access to state-of-the-art computer technology with GIS, remote sensing, and cartography software.

You might be a geographer if you have a curiosity of the natural world, wonder how and why the environment varies from place to place, and see connections with people, cultures and climate. Majoring in Geography at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, you will study the world’s environmental issues, natural resources, populations, and political and economic systems. You will gain skills to interpret and explain real-world events that occur between nature and the environment. This program leaves room to explore an unrelated minor or second major.


  • Cartographer
  • Cartographic Technician
  • Climatologist
  • Environmental impact analyst
  • Land use planner
  • Computer Mapper
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Market Area Analyst
  • Regional Census Technician
  • Soil conservationist
  • Urban / Regional Planner
  • Park Ranger
  • 911 Coordinator
  • Travel Agent
Ashley Larsen

“The opportunity to assist in student research through the geography department has defined my college experience, and I have received excellent support from my professors. Prospective students will be welcomed into a program of study that is engaging and rewarding in many ways.”

Ashley Larsen

Geography, Bachelor of Science