UNK Leaders in Education and Service Award

Dr. Rick Meyer, Tim DeWaard, Dr. Pat HoehnerCentennial Superintendent of Schools, Tim DeWaard, was presented the 2018 University of Nebraska at Kearney Leaders in Education and Service (UNKLES) Award.  
Picture includes Dr. Dick Meyer, Tim DeWaard, and Dr. Pat Hoehner.
Membership in University of Nebraska at Kearney Leaders in Education and Service (UNKLES) is earned by hard work and achieved by invitation only. An UNKLES Membership is viewed as a single honor to be bestowed annually on deserving nominees. Honorees receive a special award during the College of Education Awards Ceremony each year.

A nominee for the UNKLES Award must demonstrate the following qualities:

  • The candidate must have served with distinction for at least five years as an administrator in any public or private school(s)
  • The candidate must exhibit the ability to inspire school board members, district staff members, and community residents to combine resources in behalf of school district goals and objectives.
  • The candidate must have broad knowledge of the processes of teaching and learning as they are applied in the school district’s classrooms and in the surrounding community.
  • The candidate must have a personal inclination toward community service that goes beyond “public relations,” and renders important services to individuals and groups on the basis of observable need.
  • The candidate must have earned a Master’s or Specialist’s Degree in Educational Administration from Kearney State College / University of Nebraska Kearney.

Only previous UNKLES Awards Recipients can nominate an administrator for membership in UNKLES as long as he or she has firsthand knowledge of the administrator’s performance and are willing to write a strong testimonial in the nominee’s behalf. 

UNKLES Awards Recipients

2018 Tim DeWaard    
2017 Tammy Carlson 2016 Kyle Hoehner
2015 Mitch Kubicek 2015 Jim Kent
2014 Mark Novell 2013 Cynthia Huff
2013 Greg Barnes 2012 Dr. Robin Stevens
2011 Larry Ramaekers 2011 Jeffrey West
2010 Jay Bellar 2009 Bill Mowinkel
2008 Max Kroger 2008 Mark Skillstad
2007 Cynthia Wendell 2007 Renee Hyde
2006 Steve Wilson 2005 Margene Beatty
2004 Glen Morgan 2003 Bradley Cabrera
2003 Barry Ballou 2003 Stanley Kravig
2002 Nyla Alexander 2001 Timothy O’Dea
2001 John Frates 2000 Dr. Dallas Watkins
1999 Marvin Shreve 1999 Nathan Stineman
1998 Dr. Harlan Metschke 1998 Dr. Kristine Wolzen
1997 Rodger Gage 1997 William Gettman
1996 Dr. Wayne Bell 1996 Al  Schneider
1996 Dr. Patricia Hoehner 1995 Dr. Florence Sukraw
1995 Eugene Armstrong 1995 Jonathan Burkey
1994 Dr. Leonard Skov 1994 Leroy Hoehner
1993 Dr. Randy Nelson 1993 Vikki Deuel
1993 Thomas Best 1992 Dr. Michael Cunning
1992 Joseph Toczek 1992 Dr. Alan Katzberg
1991 Dr. Mary Kamerzell 1991 William McGahan, Jr.
1991 Dr. James Tenopir 1991 Larry Roth
1991 Mark Alderman 1991 Clayton Illian
1991 Gary Fisher