Economics and Agribusiness


If you are considering a rewarding career in Agribusiness or Economics, look no further than the University of Nebraska at Kearney. The comprehensive education you will receive will prepare you for a challenging, professional career. In our ever changing global economy, knowledge of basic economics is essential for all responsible citizens. One cannot pick up a newspaper, or listen to the broadcast news without being exposed to references to the latest economic data. An understanding of the fundamentals of economics provides you with a powerful tool that allows you to not only interpret regional and world-wide events, but to aid you in forecasting what may occur in the future.

When you choose the Department of Economics, you choose a group of faculty who are committed to providing quality educational experiences for all students. You will be advised, instructed, and mentored by professionals who recognize that teaching and scholarship are inseparable. Although the faculty's primary focus is on students and teaching, they are also committed to research and are willing and eager to work with you on a variety of research topics. Faculty provide an environment that is conducive to interaction and inquiry. Since UNK has dedicated itself to infusing technology throughout its programs, learning takes place in a technology rich environment that prepares you for what you will face upon graduation.

The Economics Department offers:

Center for Economic Education

Housed within the Economics Department is the UNK Center for Economic Education which provides services that advance the application of economic education and research.


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Dr. Frank Tenkorang, Chair