Degree:  Master of Arts
Program:  History

Degree Level:
Credit Hours: 36 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online
Prerequisites: Bachelor's degree with at least 18 hours of history

The master's degree in history at UNK is designed for a wide variety of persons interested in pursuing graduate education in historical study.  The program offers credit for those just beginning a graduate career, teachers and others desiring further professional development, and those seeking greater personal fulfillment.  Two options are available, thesis and non-thesis.  Coursework for either option is offered both on campus and online.  Students may choose to take all their courses online, or on campus, or they may choose to blend these delivery methods together in one program. A focused yet eclectic professional program, the history master's degree can launch a potential career in a number of promising directions.  For more information, contact Amber Alexander or Stacey Stubbs at 308-865-8766 or historygradstudies@unk.edu.

Thesis Option (36 credit hours)

HIST 801: America Interpreted - 3 credit hours
HIST 803: Historical Methods - 3 credit hours
HIST 894: Introduction to Thesis - 3 credit hours
HIST 899: Directed Readings - 3 credit hours
U.S. History - 6 credit hours
Non-U.S. History - 6 credit hours
Electives - 6 credit hours
HIST 896: Thesis - 6 credit hours

Non-Thesis Option (36 credit hours)
HIST 801: America Interpreted - 3 credit hours
HIST 803: Historical Methods - 3 credit hours
U.S. History - 12 credit hours
Non-U.S. History - 9 credit hours
Specialization - 9 credit hours

Courses Offered*

American Civil War
American Exploration & Expansion
American Imperialism
American West
Byzantine World
Civil Rights Movement
Cold War in Eastern Europe
Comparative Communism
Cultural History of Modern Europe
Digital History
Environmental History
Europe After 1945
Frontier Law & Order
Gender & War
German Unification
Gilded Age
History & Memory
Imperial Russia
Indians & Empires
Medieval England
Medieval Europe
Medieval Warfare
Modern Britain
Modern Germany
Museums & Archives
National Parks
Native American
Nazi Germany
Nineteenth Century Europe
Pacific West
Plains Indians
Popular Culture
Populist Movement
Progressive Era
Public History
Rise of Urban America
Russian Revolution
Sea Power
The 1970s
Sports History
Soviet Stalinism
Tudor/Stuart History
U.S. Constitutional History
U.S. in the Cold War Era
U.S. and Latin American Relations
U.S. Military History
War, Memory and Film
War of Religion
Women's History
World War I 
World War II
*Subject to change. 
How do I get started?  

Program Contact: Amber Alexander or Stacey Stubbs
Department: History
Email: historygradstudies@unk.edu
Phone: 308-865-8766
Website: http://www.unk.edu/academics/history/graduate_program/index.php

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