University of Nebraska Kearney

Business Administration

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Program: Business Administration
Degree Level: Undergraduate Degree Completion
Credit Hours
42 credit hours available online (120 credit hours needed to graduate)
Delivery Format: Online
Students need to complete 45 hours of general studies courses and 18 hours of 200-level business courses (macroeconomics, microeconomics, business communications, statistics, accounting I and accounting II) necessary for a Bachelor's degree independently. Preference will be given to those who have general studies completed.

UNK’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) Online Degree Completion Program is ideal for working adults interested in skill and knowledge development as well as degree completion.  This degree in business administration provides majors with knowledge of how businesses and organizations operate.  Students will study the various functions of business and learn how they cooperate to build successful organizations.  Graduates of the BSBA Online Degree Completion Program earn a four-year degree in Business Administration from UNK.  The UNK business programs are accredited by AACSB International. UNK graduates often find positions in management and management training programs, human relations, marketing, sales, or information technology.

The BSBA online degree includes 10 core courses that are required for every student (26 hours), plus each student selects a minor and completes the coursework for that chosen minor.  Currently we offer fully online minors in Marketing/Management (24 hours) and Accounting (21 hours).  Core courses are offered each semester, with minor courses offered concurrently on a rotating basis.

Core Courses (required for every student):

Take all of the following (3 credit hours each): 

  • ACCT 311 - Business Law
  • BSAD 100 - Exploring Business (1 credit hour)
  • BSAD 400 - Professional Readiness (1 credit hour taken concurrently with MGT 495 in the last semester of your program)
  • FIN 308 - Principles of Finance
  • MGT 314 - Operations & Supply Management
  • MGT 493 - Social Responsibilities of Business: Issues and Ethics
  • MGT 495 - Administrative Strategy and Policy
  • MIS 302 - Principles of Management Information Systems
  • MKT 300 - Principles of Marketing

Take one of these:

  • MGT 301 - Principles of Management
  • MGT 355 - Organizational Behavior 

Marketing/Management Minor:  

Take one of these:
  • MKT 300 - Principles of Marketing
  • MGT 301 - Principles of Management

Take six of these classes offered online to fulfill the marketing/management minor requirements:
(NOTE:  no more than 6 credit hours may be duplicated between the core and elective courses):

  • MKT 336 - Services Marketing
  • MKT 430 - International Marketing
  • MKT 437 - Sales Management
  • MKT 438 - Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 457 - E-Marketing
  • MKT 460 - Strategic Product Management
  • MGT 355 - Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 380 - Human Resource Management
  • MGT 401 - Small Business Management
  • MGT 498 - Management Topics

Accounting Minor

Take both of these:

  • ACCT 350 - Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 351 - Intermediate Accounting II

Take 2 courses from these offered online to fulfill the accounting minor requirements:

  • ACCT 352 - Cost Accounting
  • ACCT 451 - Tax Accounting
  • ACCT 470 - Auditing  

Transfer students: If you would like to see what will transfer in for the Business Administration program, please click here.

How do I get started? 
Program Contact: Barb Wayman
Department:   Management
Phone:   308-865-8515
Address:   College of Business & Technology, West Center, Room 140C, UNK, Kearney, NE  68849