Applying for Grad School

Admission Requirements

A student desiring to pursue the Master's Degree in the area of Speech/Language Pathology must have completed an undergraduate degree or equivalent from an accredited institution. If the degree was not comparable to that offered at the University of Nebraska at Kearney or if deficiencies exist, the student must take those undergraduate courses deemed necessary by the Communication Disorders faculty to make up the deficiencies. An applicant who has obtained a Bachelor's Degree in some other area will be required to take those undergraduate courses in Speech/Language Pathology and possibly in related areas necessary to complete the equivalent requirements for the undergraduate major. Applications are accepted for the fall term only and are due by January 15th.

Admission for Unconditional (Full) status is based on the following preferred qualifications:

  1. Competitive Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores
  2. Undergraduate overall grade point average of B or better
  3. Undergraduate Communication Disorders major grade point average of B+ or better
  4. Graduate grade point average of B+
  5. Three letters of recommendation
  6. Submission of a personal statement to assess written communication skills
  7. All applicants will submit a video. The program will provide the applicants with a prompt/question to answer in their video.
  8. International students must meet the Graduate School minimum TOEFL score and all of the above minimum admission criteria.
  9. When all application materials have been received by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research, completed files will be forwarded to the CDIS Department for consideration and recommendation.

Students may be admitted on a conditional basis if the applicant's materials do not meet minimal grade point or GRE standards. Unconditional (full) admission will not be granted until the student completes 12 credit hours of graduate coursework in CDIS with a cumulative GPA of B or better.